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Custom Tools

What is a Custom Tool?

Custom tools can help you add your own content blocks to the editor. We know that every application is different and needs different tools to reach it's full potential.

It's super simple and easy to create custom tools in Unlayer.

Custom Tools

Each tool comes with a set of properties and property editors that are available in tool's template.

Property Editor

Creating a Custom Tool

Every custom tool needs to have the following items to get up and running.

Slug A unique identifier string for your tool
Name A display name for your tool
Icon An icon for your tool from a choice of 700+ icons
Supported Modes Display mode this tool will work in (email, web page or both)
Template Nunjucks template that the tool will output
Properties A set of properties and controls that your custom tool will need
  1. Open Unlayer Dashboard.
  2. Go to your Project. If you don't have one, create a new one.
  3. Go to the Tools menu on top.
  4. Click New Tool
  5. Fill the form and click Create Tool