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Design Loaded

This event is called when your design is loaded in the editor.

unlayer.addEventListener('design:loaded', function(data) {
  // Design is loaded
  var json =; // design json

Design Updated

This event is called when the user changes anything in the editor.

unlayer.addEventListener('design:updated', function(data) {
  // Design is updated by the user
  var type = data.type; // body, row, content
  var item = data.item;
  var changes = data.changes;
  console.log('design:updated', type, item, changes);

Image Uploaded

This event is called when an image is uploaded by the user.

unlayer.addEventListener('onImageUpload', function(data) {
  var image = data.image;
  var url = image.url;
  var width = image.width;
  var height = image.height;