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You can change the locale used in Unlayer's user interface as part of the configuration parameters passed to the plugin.

The locale value needs to be passed to the initialization code in ISO 639-1 format (example: en-US). The default locale is set to en-US.

Available Languages

Currently, we have the following translations available. Please submit translations in your language and we'll add them to the bundle.

Language Region Code
English USA en-US
French France fr-FR
Spanish Spain es-ES
Swedish Sweden sv-SE
Portuguese Brazil pt-BR
Italian Italy it-IT
Danish Denmark da-DA
Chinese China zh-CN
Chinese Taiwan zh-TW
Turkish Turkey tr-TR

Submitting Translations

You can submit new language translations by creating a PR on this GitHub repo:

Opening the Editor

You can pass the locale when initializing the editor. The default is en-US.

  locale: 'en-US'

Overriding translations

You can override any word or sentence of any language like this:

  locale: 'en-US',
  translations: {
    'en-US': {
      "tools.tabs.content": "Content",
      "tools.tabs.row": "Row"

Available Keys

You can check all available translations keys here: