Dynamic Images

Dynamic images give each recipient their own unique image using any subscriber data you have in your email service provider. These images change depending on one or more merge tags that are passed to the system that delivers them.

Some examples where dynamic images can be used are:

  • Personalized Cards
  • Countdown Timers
  • Live Ads
  • Flight Tracker
  • Live Charts
  • Product Recommendations
  • etc

Let's check out an example of personalized birthday cards.

Personalized Birthday Cards

You can send a birthday card to thousands of email subscribers, each personalized with the subscriber's first name. It's simple to do with dynamic images. There are services that can generate personalized images "on the fly", like Nifty Images.


Here is a personalized image created on Nifty Images to wish a happy birthday to all the subscribers. The editor preview of the image uses a sample name Katie, but the URL uses a merge tag {{first_name}}. Merge tags act as variables in the URL. When rendering your email, landing page, or popup, the real name will replace the merge tag.

If you carefully look at the image URL in the editor, it is:


It is replaced with Katie in the editor because we have provided that as a sample value for the merge tag {{first_name}}. Learn more here.