Page Builder

Landing pages can help your users level up their sales funnels, nurture their audience, and convert visitors into customers. The most effective landing pages have a single focus, strong call to action, and are optimized for search engines and social media. Landing pages are often temporary or permanent and are part of a marketing strategy. A landing page might require visitors to fill out a form.


When creating a landing page, design plays a very important role. It should be clean and easy to navigate, giving visitors all the information they need.

The landing page should also be easy to convert with a single click. Information architecture is important as it can help your users to create a conversion-friendly page.

How Is It Different from Email Builder?

Pages and email have many common functionalities. Our page builder has been designed from the ground up to output HTML that is optimized for all web browsers. In addition, your users will find a broad range of features for web pages, such as forms, embedded videos, and the ability to add scripts to your web pages.

Here are a few examples of web pages your customers can build with Unlayer:

  • Product page
  • Splash page
  • Disclaimer page
  • Registration page
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Customer survey
  • Booking request
  • Portfolio
  • Thank you page

Our page builder also has the following features:

  • Users can adjust the width of the page in percentage (%) or pixels (px)
  • The side bar can be collapsed to get a full page view
  • Users can preview their design in different browsers
  • HTML scripts can also be added
  • Embedded videos can be played within the page
  • Form tool is available to capture user input


After installing our JavaScript library, use the following code snippet to initiate the page builder. Just pass displayMode as web, and replace the project id.

  id: 'editor-container',
  displayMode: 'web',
  projectId: 1234 // REPLACE

Editor In Action

The output screen of the email builder will look like this;


You can also initialize the editor in dark mode.