Test Email

Sometimes users want to see a preview of the email template in their inbox. You can enable the Send Test Email button in the preview modal. Once a user clicks this button, an email with the template will be sent to their email address.


How to Enable?

To enable this feature, make sure the following steps have been taken.

1. Email Mode

Make sure the editor is running in email mode. You can ensure that by checking the displayMode is set to email.

2. Setup Identity Verification

You must have identity verification set up for the editor. Learn More

3. Provide User Email Address

You must provide the email address of the user who is logged in. This is the email address that the email will be sent at.

  user: {
    id: 1,
    signature: 'XXX',
    name: 'John Doe', // optional
    email: '[email protected]'

4. Enable Feature

You can enable the feature by passing the following feature flag to unlayer.init.

  features: {
    sendTestEmail: true