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User Saved Blocks

Your users can save their own blocks and reuse them when designing content in your application. When a user saves their own block, it's only visible to them and nobody else.

Saving a Block

Users can save their blocks by clicking the save button at the bottom right of a selected row.

Once they click save, they will be asked a Category Name and optional Tags. This helps organize the blocks and make them searchable.

Enable Feature

You can enable user saved blocks by passing a user object with the unique user id. The user object must have a unique user id for the user who is using the editor. You can also pass a name and email optionally.

The save button for blocks will automatically appear once a unique user id is available.

  user: {
    id: 1,
    name: 'John Doe',
    email: '[email protected]'

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User Saved Blocks

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