Custom Buttons for Text Editor

We have added support for custom buttons in the text editor. These buttons can be used to add custom functionality to the text editor toolbar. Learn More


Image Editor Improvements

We have added the ability to customize the built-in image editor. You can now enable or disable the image editor tools such as Filter, Resize, Crop, and other tools. Learn More


Editor & Embed Dashboard Improvements

We’ve rolled out some fabulous improvements and tweaks to enhance your experience!


Dashboard Performance Improvement

We’ve rolled out a fix to enhance your experience!


New Brand Logo

We’ve rolled out some fabulous new features and tweaks to enhance your experience!


New Embed Dashboard

We're excited to introduce our revamped dashboard for Embed projects, designed with you in mind. Enjoy these great new features:


Test Email

Sometimes users want to see a preview of the email template in their inbox. You can enable the Send Test Email button in the preview modal. Once a user clicks this button, an email with the template will be sent to their email address. Learn More


Dynamic Images

Dynamic images give each recipient their own unique image using any subscriber data you have in your email service provider. Learn More


Link Attributes

The gives the ability to add or modify attributes in the link tag. These attributes can be set to support multiple values or a single value at a time. A common use case is to add tags to a link. Learn More


Inline Font Controls

We have updated the inline text editor and disabled some controls such as the font family picker, font size picker, and text alignment. This is because these controls are already available in the native editor on the right panel, which works better for responsiveness across devices. These controls will continue to be available in older text components but not newer ones. It is not recommended but if you want to enable these controls, you can learn more here.